Boloven Plateau Overview

Bolevan Plateau is an elevated region in Southern Laos. Most of the plateau is located within Champasak Province of Laos.  The area is famous for its many waterfalls and we will visit two of the best, Tad Fan, with it’s impressive twin falls cascading over 100 metres to the valley floor below and Tad Ngeuan, with it’s prisitine pools for taking a refreshing dip and coffee shop and plantation where you can sample some real Lao coffee.
Rising over 1,500 meters above sea level, the rich volcanic soils and cool climate of the Bolaven Plateau produce some of the finest Arabica coffees in the world. The town of Paksong is a base for day trips to the region's coffee and tea plantations, as well as the spectacular Xe Katamtok Waterfall. On the way to Paksong stop at the Tad Fane Resort at KM 38 for breathtaking views of the Tad Fane Waterfall located on the edge of Dong Houa Sao NBCA.

Boloven Plateau

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