Oudomxay Overview

Oudomxay is one of the most beautiful places in Laos, located in the upper North. A place where you can experience untouched nature as well as cultural life. According to visitors - the most friendly people on earth, the most peaceful place in the region.
Oudmxay is a province of Laos, located in the Northwest of the country. The province capital is Meuang Xay. The Province covers an area of 14,400 square Kilometers (5,930 sq mi). ince some years, efforts are taken to support tourism in Oudomxay, which is considered a chance to solve poverty of the population. A tourism office has operated in Meuang Xay since 1997, supported by German Development Service (DED) since 2005. The support of DED aims to raise the incomes especially of the rural population and small-scale enterprises by tourism and thereby protect natural resources.In August 2007 the tourism office was upgraded to a “Provincial Tourism Department”. Due to Oudomxay’s location as the most important traffic junction in Northern Laos – We call “Oudomxay is the Heart of Northern Laos”. The Provincial Tourism Department was joined together with the Oudomxay Provincial Information and Culture Department in 2012. It’s now the Oudomxay Provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department. In the past few years the province was mainly visited by foreigners on the journey through. The average length of stay was low. But now due to many tourist attractions are developed and the increasing number of tourist is getting higher and higher. We do hope that in the future Oudomxay will certainly become one of the most attractive places to discover for all domestic and foreign tourists. Oudomxay Province is famous as one of the places where ancient bronze drums were cast, which have been a symbol of status and wealth for centuries. Master drum makers continue to make these beautiful drums and purchasing a new drum supports this disappearing cultural heritage. Ban Bo village is well known for skilled handicraft production, especially rattan and bamboo basket weaving. Other quality local handicrafts include cotton weavings and shoulder-bag production, silk products.

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