Champasak Overview

Champasack District is a quite district, located in the middle of Mekong River and surrounded by Kao Mountain, there are fifty-eight tourist sites situated in this region. Due to its fascinating features, this District became a region of royalty.
Several kings had developed itto be a great civilization. Presently there are ruins of old architectural symbols amazingly in different cultural integrations. The evidence from its inscriptions has shown that Champasack region was one the old kingdom of Sethapuora in the 5th century A.D., governed by King Thevanika who may be a Cham person. The location of this old Kingdom is about 6.5 kilometers to the east of Wat Phou and share a border with the Mekong River near Wat Laung Kao and Phanon Neua Village, which 400 hectares. Wat Phou became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001, recognizingbe an invaluable ancient place to discover and visit. Because of its location on the terrace of Kao Mountain, you can see the beauty of town, fields and the Mekong River wonderfully from the Mountain. From Wat Phou down to ancient road (this ancient road probably led from Wat phou all the way to Angkor there are several historical sites where visitors can worship.

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