Xaiyabouli Overview

Welcome to the Elephant Conservation Center of Laos! Here, you will experience one-on-one the power of the majestic elephant. At the Center, a dedicated team of guides, mahouts and elephant vets will take you into the worl of Lao elephants.
Amidst the most beautiful scenery Sayaboury can offer, the Center is the perfect hideaway from mass tourism routes and a place where your visit can make a difference. Elephants are on the brink of extinction in Laos and a visit to the Center is a first step towards their survival. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing stay in the Nam Tien protected area. You will also learn all you want to know about Asia's most iconic creature! Those looking for a soft yet authentic experience can embark on short elephant treks, observe training, canoes on the reservoir, and mountain bike around the grounds. Guests can also enjoy the view from an observation tower, visit the museum and watch films about this magnificent creature.


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