Muang Ngoi Overview

Mouang Ngoi lies 40 kilometres (one hour) north of Nong Khaiw, along the Nam Ou River. This small town surrounded by ethnic village is the flagship of Community Based tourism in Luang Prabang Province.
The village is like a mini utopia, set on a peninsula at the foot of mount Phaboom, shaded by coconut trees, with the languid river breeze wafting through the town’s small paths. It is the perfect place to go for a trek for surrounding villages, or bask the day away swinging in you hammock. A market is held every 10 days and villagers come to sell produce and handicrafts. There are also caves and waterfall in the area. You can visit surrounding villages such as, Ban Na, Hauy Bo and Hauy Sen. It takes just 30 minutes from Ban Ngoi Khao to Ban Ban Na on foot. Why not explore Tham Kang cave on the way

Muang Ngoi

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